Link for IJDT: International Journal of Digital Technologies

2nd NIELIT's International Conference on Communication, Electronics and Digital Technologies (NICEDT-2024)

16-17th February, 2024, Guwahati, India.

The Conference Tracks are:

Track 1: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics

​Data, Web and Text Mining. Machine learning models and applications. Neural networks/Deep learning. Graph Computation in Big Data. Business Analytics. Data Science. Data Management and Quality. Big Data

Track 2:Cyber Security & Forensic, Network and Mobile Security

Cyber-risk management. Evidentiary Aspects of Digital Forensics. Computer and Networks forensics. Digital forensics tools and applications. Network forensics and Traffic Analysis. Transport-Level Security. Wireless Network Security. IP Security and many more.

Track 3:Advanced Computing- Cloud Computing & Quantum Computing

Cloud Computing Architectures and Systems. Cloud Resource Virtualization and Management. Virtual Machine Management in Clouds. High Performance Computing in Clouds. Big Data Management in Clouds. Software as a Service (SaaS). Platform as a Service (PaaS) and many more.

Track 4:VLSI & Semiconductors, Electronics System, IOT, EdgeAI

Analog and Digital Circuits. Microwave Circuits Design. Low Power Electronics. RF and Wireless Technology. Signal and Image Processing. Cryptography. Robotics and many more.

Track 5:Blockchain and Software Technology

Blockchain and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity. Anonymity of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies. Threat categorization and threat detection. Blockchain & Healthcare Systems. Blockchain in supporting critical infrastructures. Digital currency. Cryptocurrency. Privacy exposures and violations and many more.

Track 6:Digital Technologies for Future/ Biotechnology

Digital infrastructure, Digital workplace strategy and technologies, Digital Future of Healthcare, Transformation for Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Industrial reconfiguration, Digital governance, Digital economy, Bioinformatics, Translational Bioinformatics, Digital intervention for Drug Discovery, Digital Biology etc.

Track 7:Assistive Technology for Divyangjan

Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Augmentative & Alternative Communication. Assistive Devices & Machines. Bioelectronics in Assistive Technology. Inclusion through ICT. Telemedicine and Governance.

Track 8:Strategy for Digital Skilling for building a global Future Ready workforce

-Strategy for building a global Future Ready workforce -Virtual AI-enabled platform -Implementing Strategy -A toolkit for Global Digital up-skilling and re-skilling programmes -Reference framework for mutual recognition of Global digital skills -‘Floating Digital Workforce’